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Thank you for considering the sponsorship of one of the students at the Ambo Deaf School.

·      Presently it cost €50 a month to cover the costs of a student in school.

·     What we would hope you might do is contribute to this amount by donating €21 a month to sponsor one of the children in the school
If you are a payee worker and you contribution above €21 a month we can submit a Tax Relief Form which helps make your contribution go a little farther, as Revenue will forward us the tax relief on your contribution. Please see attached form.
How our SSP works.

Your Student Sponsorship goes into a support fund for the students. This is created to ensure:

  • There is no ‘financial’ reason preventing any of the students attending the Deaf school in Ambo. If any of the families experience significant financial hardship the SSP fund is available to assist them through such a crisis, while ensuring their Deaf son or daughter can continue to attend school.
  • The SSP also helps pay the rent on accommodation in the town for some of the students who come from the countryside. Transport to and from the school each day is not an option, so they rent a very basic room in the town.
  • Some students live up to 15km away and walking to and from school each day is not an option. The SSP helps pay for their transport to and from school each day.
  • The SSP ensures that each child has a uniform and an adequate supply of school materials to allow them to study well.
  • The SSP also responds to exceptional needs. Recently it was used to assist in the rehabilitation of one of the children who broke his ankle.
  • While the fund is aimed at supporting the poorest and most vulnerable children at the school, it is also set up to respond to the needs of each of the students as circumstances dictate.


The SSP is managed by the Principal and the Director of the school who are in close contact with the students and their families and know their situations. At the end of the year, if the Program has some remaining funds, these are used to help cover the costs of running the school. Presently it costs €24,000 per annum to run the school. So while your donation helps each and every child, it also ensures that the child you sponsor will, to the best of our ability never be in a position that he or she can not afford to attend the school.


If you are still happy to sponsor a student, please use the following Bank Details to set up a Direct Debit or bring these details to your own Bank and they will assist you with this process. Please be sure to reference your Donation with your Name i.e. Mary Ryan SSP


We will link your donation with one of our students and give you a brief report twice a year on their progress.

All other news regarding the progress of the school can be found on our facebook page Ethiopia Deaf Project. We will soon launch a website which will give you more information on the School and our activities to support it.


Thank you most sincerely.


VLM Deposit Account.


NSC 93-22-05

Account No: 60578389


IBAN: IE95AIBK93220560578389



AIB Drumcondra.

Meet some students 



Nequse aged 13

“Here in the ADS I am in Grade 1. I understand the
lessons from the Deaf teachers (Three of the teachers
in the school are Deaf).
In the old school I used to learn nothing and got nothing
from the lessons. Some of the teachers were not very
kind to the Deaf and we were often afraid. We did not
even learn to write.”

Asmeret aged 20
“For a long time people thought I could not learn and
thought I was stupid. In the future I would like to help
my family. But I am showing through this school that
we can all learn”

Berhandu aged 15
“Before when I learn with hearing students, (without
any supports) I couldn’t follow the teacher, I was very
stressed and felt very isolated. Since I enrolled in
Ambo deaf school and started to learn through Sign
Language I am very happy. Now I have real self
confidence for learning”

Lire aged 7
“Today I am very very happy. It takes me 45 minutes
to walk to school each day.
When I leave school I would like to be a doctor!
Thank you!”

Redict aged 18
“When I finish school I would like to be a teacher for
Deaf children. Hopefully, I will go to Addis to learn how
to teach.”

What’s next :

Vocational opportunities for students graduating from the
school. The purchase of a large piece of land and buildings
(in need of serious repair) opposite the school offers huge
potential to bring these plans to fruition.

In the meantime
the land will be used for honey production, honey
extraction, the sapling and seed project. We would like in
the near future to offer vocational opportunities to some
students in such things as wood work, tailoring, plastering