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Chick Some of our older students would
appreciate the opportunity to rear a few chicks which
will provide them with eggs for nutrition. Some of the
families of the children would also benefit from this gift.
Breeding chickens and selling eggs in the market are
all part of the life in Ambo
Sewing/Knitting Your gift will help
resource our women’s group with some basic sewing
and knitting equipment. The income they generate
gives them independence and helps prevents them
being exploited
Shoes It takes many of our students
an hour and a half to walk to school. They have to go
over different terrains. The gift of a pair of shoes or
runners will greatly help them on their journey to
school. Happy feet = Happy Children.
Sapling Your gift will help some of
our Deaf students and older women purchase seeds and saplings which they will nurture and sell in the
town. It will also go towards installing an irrigation
system in the compound to assist with this project. The
sapling project is focused on producing indigenous
trees which help enhance the environment around
Ambo. The sale of the saplings will help generate an
income for the participants and any additional profit will
go towards supporting the school.
Bee Keeper Training allow us to send a
student to be trained as a Bee Keeper. We would like
to set up a Bee Keeping Group and tap into this
wonderful natural resource
School Kit helps pay for copy books, pens and
the running of the photo copying machine which is vital but expensive resource in the education of Deaf
Bee hive The hive will in turn help with generating income for the
school through the production of honey. Honey is still a huge commodity in Ethiopia and we have already got
a number of hives in place producing some beautiful
golden honey. It’s the intention of those involved to able
to bring this resource to the market